TrustCompany Take It Easy Between Second And Third Album

TrustCompany 'True Parallels'

Kevin Palmer and Jason Singleton from TrustCompany visited with while on tour. They talked about how guitarist James was destroyed by bouncers during the Drowning Pool set trying to stage dive, taking a hiatus before returning with ‘Dreaming in Black and White’ after finally getting some label interest, plans to release the title track as their next single because “that’s the track that everyone is really digging”, and the creepy haunted pool at the Eagles Club venue.

“We took a hiatus for a little while,” Kevin explained. “We’ve actually been back playing since about 2007, we just did it slow and easy. We got back together playing and writing. There was no pressure for a timetable, so we just kinda did it on our own. There was no label, so we just started writing, we were doing some tours on our own just playing headlining shows around the country. We just took it easy and finally we got a little interest from a label and decided to make an album. It felt right, the right time, so we did it.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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