Troy Van Leeuwen On Josh Vs. Maynard, A Perfect Circle Status

Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen spoke with Artisan News service, where he was asked about working with QOTSA’s Josh Homme versus his previous gig with Maynard James Keenan in . “I would say of course they’re different, but I have more experience working with Josh actually than with Maynard” Troy said. “With Maynard, it was very short amounts of time working with him, so I didn’t really, per se, get in deep with him. He would show up and do his thing, and bail and do Tool when I worked with him. With Josh, it’s more, we’re in there every day, every hour, every year, every lifetime.”

He also talked about A Perfect Circle’s status, saying he’ll likely be tied up, but to check for a solo album by founding member Billy Howerdel. “I don’t have any plans for it, I know that Billy is finishing up a record of his own stuff,” Van Leeuwen said. “It’s basically A Perfect Circle without Maynard singing, it’s Billy singing. So, it’s still the same great music, and everybody will I think be surprised by his voice. It’s really, really pleasant. That’s what’s going on with that, it’s not really A Perfect Circle anymore. But, I always try to make time for other projects and stuff, but there’s so much going on with Queens right now it’s kind of hard to divide my time to do other stuff.” Watch the report at YouTube.

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