Trivium Begins Mixing New Album

bassist Paolo Gregoletto has posted the following update on the band’s web site: “Paolo here, just giving you an update before we head out early tomorrow for tour. We have finished tracking all of ‘The Crusade’, 15 songs total. Mixing has already begun and should be done in the next few weeks! We are incredibly excited with what we have accomplished in the studio. There will be much more info about the new album in the next few weeks, so now about the summer touring…”

“We are kicking things off in Germany this weekend!!! It’s great to get back overseas and play a load of festivals with incredible lineups. Hopefully everyone can get out and support us at all the shows, let the beer and metal flow!

“This goes out to all our friends in Australia and New Zealand who have been patiently waiting for us to come down and play shows for you. Thank you for all the messages you have sent to us, we get hundreds and hundreds a week. There is a good chance we will be down in early 2007, once we confirm them we will let you know! We aren’t a band that likes to play a few shows, we will make sure we hit both coasts and play as many shows as we can. Thanks for spreading the word about us!!!! See you soon!!”

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One thought on “Trivium Begins Mixing New Album

  1. erica says:

    Sweet .. Trivium is so freaking amazing and I really don’t care what anyone says:)

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