Tripp Strikes Back At Edsel Dope has a 20 questions feature with ’s Tripp Eisen, who was formerly with the MurderDopes, and has an ongoing beef with Edsel . Tripp offered his opinion of Edsel’s interview with them saying, “A man losing his grip on reality, so full of himself that he can’t see the foolishness that engulfs the essence of his being. I’ve heard accounts that corroborate my personal experience that he actually does believe most of the bullsh** that he spews from his pie hole. As you’ve accurately taken notice throughout that interview, the guy constantly contradicts himself. I like how you guys pointed out that he says he doesn’t want to talk sh**, while brilliantly still getting all hit pot-shots in! He’s a word-smith for sure. And there is a lot of bitterness because three of us ‘Dope guys’ all went on to bands that are essentially bigger, more visible or sold more records than Dope (Primer 55, , Static-X).” The feature at has since been removed.

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