Travis Richter Checks In With From First To Last Update

From First To Last

guitarist Travis Richter checked in with the band’s MySpace friends on Friday (January 11) with the following bulletin:

Hey guys it’s Travis.. I’m in south Georgia right now kickin it at the FFTL house, ricky chris, manning and elric are all sleeping still so I figured I would get on here and say hey to everyone really quick.

We got a mouse for Matt good’s snake to eat today so everyone have a moment of silence for the humble victim…

So anyways, on with what I guess is just rambling and news.. Right under the FFTL top friends, right behind the Glorious Ron Paul ’08 (isn’t he such a cute old man!!) you will see we have added the bands that we will be touring with on the Take Action Tour..

Everytime I Die, The Bled, August Burns Red and The Human Abstract.. can’t wait to meet all these dudes and kick it with my old buds that I do know.

I’ve been really busy with my friend Kyle getting the artwork together for our exclusive hot topic single that’s coming out during the Take Action tour.. We will also have some of these to sale on the road this remaining winter into spring.

The songs on there are 2 no one has heard..
1. “We All Turn Back to Dust” <-so you might as well vote for Ron Paul (hahajk!) 2. "I Once Was Lost But Now Am Profound" <--(because I realized Ron Paul wants to change things for the betterhaha) Anyways, that's about all the news I have! Can't wait to see all you guys out on tour and kick it a little.. Warped Tour this summer as well, so we are going to be seeing lots of each other I would imagine haha Take care.
Travis Richter

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