Travis Clark Talks About His Romeo Moment

Alloy TV’s gURL Talk featured a sit down with , where they asked what they look for in a girl and in reference to their song ‘Check Yes, Juliet’ if they’d ever had a Romeo moment. “My one Romeo moment that probably helped create that song was I had this girlfriend in high school and her dad was I’m pretty sure part of the mafia because every time I was visiting, I always thought that if I looked at her the wrong way or tried to grab her hand, or hug her or kiss her or anything like that, that he would literally rip my face off and run it over with his Buick,” Travis Clark explained in regards to the second question. “So what I would have to do is, we got to the point in the relationship that now we were you know, but it was never anywhere within a radius of her dad. We had to drive to another city. So what I would do is I would wait for her parents to go to sleep, and I would go knock on her window and I’d sneak her out and we’d run down to the beach, and we’d hook up all night long. Then just before her parents woke up, I’d sneak her back in and dust the sand off and everything.” Watch the videos via YouTube below.

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