Travis Barker Begs Shanna Moakler To Take Him Back

Life & Style reports that after attended a party at the Playboy mansion on October 28th, where he was photographed kissing Paris Hilton, the +44 drummer showed up at his and Shanna Moakler’s former home, where she now lives alone, and let himself in at about 3:45 AM. When Shanna and Travis then went outside for a cigarette, they locked themselves outside for three hours until a nanny came with a came. During that time, Barker “told her there was nothing real between him and Paris and that he believed she was using him for publicity and that he only went along with it to hurt Shanna,” according to a source. “He told Shanna that Paris was dumb and annoying.” After saying how much he missed her and their children, he begged Shanna to take him back, but Moakler wasn’t interested in giving the rocker a second chance. “This was your choice. You left me and this family, live with it,” the insider hears Moakler told Barker. The full story at has since been removed.

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