Tony Kanal Says Who Gives A Fu** About Perceptions

grace the cover of Australia’s Beat Magazine where Christie Eliezer talks with bassist Tony Kanal. Asked whether the perception they are a bunch of faceless himbos behind the spunky chick, or that they have a flamboyant band and therefore have no musical depth would piss him off more, Kanal said, “We’ve always battled that since ‘Tragic Kingdom’ became big. We’re over it. We’ve never been a political or social themes but that doesn’t mean we’re not aware of what’s going on around the world. We were more about entertaining and being a fresh burst of air. Who gives a fu** about perceptions? We’ve outlasted all the other bands, we’ve achieved more success than we ever thought of, we’ve made a record we’re so proud of, and we’re getting on better with each other than ever before. That’s what’s important.”

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