Tommy Lee’s Sexist Remarks Fuel Supernova Pre-Determined Theorists

Conspiracy theorists who think ‘Rock Star Supernova’ had a winner selected before the show even began can point to ’s comments in the December issue of Blender magazine. The Motley Crue and Supernova drummer initially commented on winner Lukas Rossi how he hoped the Canadian singer “adapts – some don’t and they get this dreaded disease called LSD: Lead Singer Disease. They turn into fu**ing jerk-offs.” Lee then raised eyebrows contemplating a band led by the show’s runner-up, Dilana Robichaux. “Could you imagine a lead singer with the dreaded lead-singer disease and a girl who’s on the rag,” Lee asked. “Can you imagine?! I wonder which one’s worse. That would be good, an egotistical female singer who’s having a that-time-of-the-month-thing — hah, that would be some fireworks. A reality show you could film only once a month.”

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