Tommy Lee’s Celeb Pull Waning

Billy Masters of witnessed a ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am?’ moment involving former drummer while in Las Vegas. Billy says, “On the eve of Gay Pride in WeHo, Tommy and friends showed up at Bossa Nova, a little eatery in the heart of the gay mecca. He pushed his way past the queue and plopped himself down at a choice table. After eating, his posse crossed the street to The Abbey, one of the city’s more popular gay watering holes. Lee had been told that people such as Janet and Miss Aguilera were treated like royalty there, so he figured he’d be taken care of. No such luck – I’m told that not only did management not give Tommy preferred seating, but he actually had to PAY for his group’s libations.” Lee and posse were also spotted later cutting in line to buy a carton of cigarettes.

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