Tommy Lee Visits ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Motley Crue drummer visited ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Tuesday (June 27) to promote the new ‘Rock Star: Supernova’ reality show on CBS. Lee talked about the competition to pick the supergroup’s lead singer, his tattoos, how his love life is going “very well” being single, touring with Aerosmith, being “closer than ever” with ex-wife Pamela Anderson, concerns that his oldest son Brandon turned 10, and his new clothing line PL for TL. Read on for a rough, computer generated transcript.

Jimmy: Our first guest is a world-famous drummer, a best-selling
author, and the co-star of one of the best-selling boat safety videos of
all time.

[ Laughter ] On and off for the past 20 years, he’s been pounding away
like a lunatic with motley crue. Starting next wednesday, you can see him
and his new band search the world for a lead singer on “rock star: Supernova.”
Please welcome tommy lee.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ] There you go. Do you know the fellows from the

Tommy: Yes, sir.

Jimmy: Will there you go.

Tommy: What’s up, guys?

Jimmy: Surprisingly young. How dide find up the same age?

Tommy: If mald hide.

Jimmy: All right.

Tommy: Hi, everybody.

Jimmy: It’s good to see you. That tattoo, you have o your neck, is that
a new one?

Tommy: No. But I have new guys here. Say hello.

[ Cheers and applause ] Pet lions.

Jimmy: Your pet lions?

Tommy: Yes.

Jimmy: You don’t have real pet lions at the house, though?

Tommy: No. The next-best thing. Mike tyson — he had pet tigers.

Tommy: On his face?

Jimmy: That on his face — I don’t know. That was just a mistake, i

Tommy: That was crazy.

Jimmy: It’s good to see you. It’s always good to see you. You’re a positive
guy. Very energetic.

Tommy: No.

Jimmy: People think there are other reasons women are attracted to you.
But I think it’s also you have a good energy.

Tommy: Well, thank you, sir.

Jimmy: Do you — are you — do you have a girlfriend right now?

Tommy: No.

Jimmy: You do not?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Tommy: Whoa.

Jimmy: Some people are happy to hear your love life isn’t going ll.

Tommy: It’s going really well.

Jimmy: You don’t — oh, i see. You have a lot of girlfriends?

Tommy: Lots.

Jimmy: What’s a typical month for you? How many nights wod you go out?

Tommy: Here we go.

Jimmy: And do you go out on dates? Or do you go out and people flock?

Tommy: I don’t go out very much.

Jimmy: You don’t?

Tommy: I like to stay at home. Skinny dip. Barbecue.

Jimmy: And you have people shipped in? Or how does it work?

Tommy: They magically appear. It’s crazy.

Jimmy: Do you have a buddy that’s in charge of rounding people up or
something like that.

Tommy: Jimmy, stop.

Jimmy: You — I’m just saying, if you need one. I’m probably good at
that sort of thing.

[ Laughter ]

Tommy: Excellent. Excellent. The two would be better than one.

Jimmy: Here’s how it would go. Tommy’s bored. You want to come over
and swim? You see? Now, you’re still with motley crue?

Tommy: Yeah.

Jimmy: But you’re forming a new group. You’re forming a new group on
the show.

Tommy: Yes.

Jimmy: It’s like inxs last year. They searched the whole world for a
singer. And they found one. And they were never heard from again.

Tommy: Nop

Jimmy: They were?

Tommy: Actually, they did really well.

Jimmy: They did?

Tommy: They’ve been touring and selling a bunch of records. And selling
out arenas everywhere.

Jimmy: But they were already selling out arenas everywhere. You’re going
on tour with aerosmith, right?

Tommy: Yeah. In september.

Jimmy: Is this a fun thing for you? Is this something you’re serious

Tommy: I’m totally serious. The whole concept, to me, is amazing. You
have three — some of the biggest bonds on the planet. Motley crue, guns
and roses. You have jason from metallica. And myself from motley. And
we’re looking for a singer. If you heard what we’re recording right now,
the world is about — actually, tv is about to get really spicy, first
of all. Network television.

Jimmy: So, you’re recording the songs without the lead sing center

Tommy: Our producer, butch walker, is producer/stunt singer.

Jimmy: Okay.

Tommy: He’s kind of singing.

Jimmy: Is he eligible to win? Could you pick butch at the end?

Tommy: No. He has his own thing. He’s singing while we track. And we’re
— it sounds amazing. Like, the music is — it’s quite the — jason is
a metal guy from metallica. I’m, like — my influences are all over the
place. And gil is a very great rock/blues guitar player. It’s very “70
rex, anthemy, everyone can clap and dance to it. it’s really cool.

Jimmy: Do you have an idea of what kind of singer you’re looking for?

Tommy: I thought i did. But we narrowed it down. I think 12,000 people

Jimmy: Really? Wow.

Tommy: The last series, they only did america and canada. Where here,
this year, they searched all the way to iceland, finland, asia, canada,
america, new zealand, australia. So, there’s a bunch of people they —
we whittled it down to 100. Down to 60. Down to 40. And now, there’s the
top 15, who are so talented, it’s unbelievable how many talented people
are out there, just floating around, not really —

Jimmy: Are former “american idol” contestants eligible for this?

[ Laughter ]

Tommy: No.

Jimmy: They are not?

Tommy: But you would love this. I don’t think a feweople received the
memo on who they were actually auditioning for.

Jimmy: Really?

Tommy: We’re sitting there. We’re watching tapes. And this one girl
started singing bette midler tunes.

Jimmy: Really? So, she was weeded out? You have a little bit of a —
you are at least going to pick kind of a — somebody with a big voice.
A rock singer.

Tommy: Yeah. And right now, I think the playing field’s even. There’s
some amazingly talented women.

Jimmy: Oh, yeah. There you go.

[ Cheers and applause ] Gee, i wonder what you’re going to pick?

Tommy: And the guys. There’s some guys that are killer.

Jimmy: For you, between taylor hicks and katherine mcphee, the votes
would be 100% for her and zero percent for him, ght? Will you be having
sex with whoever you pick?

[ Laughter ]

Tommy: I’ve been read the riot act.

Jimmy: You have, really? The producers?

Tommy: I’m one of the producers of the show.

Jimmy: Did you read it to yourself then?

Tommy: Pretty much. Maybe we’ll pick a guy and a girl. Maybe we’ll have
two lead singers. I don’t know. The whole point is to build a brand-new
super group that’s going to bring brand-new stuff to everybody’s world.

Jimmy: That sounds like a fun thing to do.

[ Cheers and applause ] If the people are terrible, are you — are you
like simon cowell, where you go, that’s terrible. Or you’re like randy
jackson, where you, go dog, you’re pitchy.

Tommy: We had a sign. We would go like this, which means — next.

Jimmy: Uh-huh.

Tommy: And —

Jimmy: You just do this, then?

Tommy: We just do that.

Jimmy: You just do that?

Tommy: You have to. Everybody comes in —

Jimmy: You can’t have 12,000 lead singers.

Tommy:No. Exactly.

Jimmy: It’s impossible. Although, it would be something to say.

Tommy: It’s good seeing you, dude.

Jimmy: It’s great to see you, too. That’s great. And then, you go on
tour with aerosmith. And that will be a lot of fun, too.

Tommy: Yeah. Especially now that steven tiler’s single. Woo!

Jimmy: Oh, my god. That could be dangerous, though, couldn’t it?

Tommy: It’s going to be frightening.

Jimmy: Make sure there are no video cameras anywhere in the vicinity.

Tommy: It scares me. And I’m fearless.

Jimmy: Yeah. Guess so. How are the kids doing?

Tommy: Awesome.

Jimmy: Father’s day — do you keep in touch with pam? Are you still

Tommy: We’re closer than ever.

Jimmy: I think you guys will get married again someday.

Tommy: I think we might.

Jimmy: I do believe that. I don’t know why. But I think you will.

Tommy: We have — i kind of got emotional. My son turned 10 years old.
My oldest boy, brandon, turned 10 years old, a couple of weeks ago. And
I’m sitting there, thinking, god, i had sex when i was 13.

Jimmy: Oh.

Tommy: Wneed to have a talk.

Jimmy: Oh, really?

Tommy: I’m talking to pamela. Just ten years has gone really quick,
like that.

Jimmy: Uh-huh. Did you have the talk?

Tommy: No. Not yet. I’m shaur that kids are having sex or doing whatever
they’re doing early —

Jimmy: Yeah. Why even bother telling them?

[ Laughter ] You think you will sit down and actually tell him?

Tommy: Definitely.

Jimmy: You will?

Tommy: I think they’re rocking a little earlier these days.

Jimmy: Really?

Tommy: What do you think?

Jimmy: I don’t know. But I’m going to guess there’s trouble on the way.

Tommy: Yeah. We’re at that point right now.

Jimmy: Yeah. I’m guessing unlike me, they’re not playing clarinet in
the marching band, your kids.

[ Laughter ] Do your kids have any tattoos yet?

Tommy: You know, just the rub-on ones.

Jimmy: Just the rub-on ones. All right. I wish you luck. I’d love to
send cameras when you give the kids the talk. I’d love to have that on

Tommy: Oh. By the way. Can i show everybody something else?

Jimmy: Yeah. Go ahead.

Tommy: I have new jeans out for the beautiful ladies and guys. These
are kind of fun, right? Check it out.

[ Cheers and applause ] Hold on. Hold on. There we go.

Jimmy: Your own clothing line?

Tommy: Yes, sir.

Jimmy: They’re filthy, though. They’re covered.

Tommy: There’s cleaner lines. And there’s a low-cut, beautiful —

Jimmy: And what is your clothing line called?

Tommy: It’s pl for tl. People’s liberation for tommy lee.

[ Laughter ] And they also do jeans with justin timberlake. So, the
two of us —

Jimmy: Pl and J.T.

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