Tommy Lee Says He’s A Single Man

Former drummer has finally confirmed the end of his engagement to Prince’s ex-wife Mayte Garcia. Writing in his official journal at, since modified to explain his single status, Tommy said, “Hey Campers! Just got back from four days in Cabo San Lucas Mexico… Damn I needed that!… The weather in L.A. has been sucky! My son Brandon just turned seven the other day and I’m trippin’ on how these ‘lil guys grow up so fast! …It’s gonna be, ‘Hey Dad… Can my girlfriend stay the night??’ Or, ‘Hey, can I have the keys to the convertible??’ Musically, I’m workin on my new sh**, and writing with some other big artists… It’s going great! Oh, hope you’re all well and lovin’ life like I am… Oh yeah, I’m a free man by the way, NO more probation/court/drama, etc… I’m a single man these days… uh oh! And I’m really inspired by so many things to write about! I hope you all are inspired… It’s all right there in your life and probably right in you back fu**in’ yard!! So start lookin’ around… it’s all there!”

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