Tommy Lee Nearly Scores With A Transsexual

Shinan Govani of Canada’s National Post reports that Motley Crue drummer nearly got duped into hooking up with a transsexual while partying in Toronto the other night at the Ultra Supper Club. “My body looked incredible, if I do say so myself,” Nina Arsenault, the certifiable transsexual said. Govani writes, “Things, you see, were going just swimmingly, when somebody took it upon themselves to tell Lee’s bodyguard about the Nip/ Tuck-ness of it all, and the bodyguard then whispered something in the star’s ear.” The full story at has since been removed.

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One thought on “Tommy Lee Nearly Scores With A Transsexual

  1. Syndirella Heart says:

    That is awesome!

    I am a transsexual tgirl living in San Francisco and I play drums better than Tommy Lee. Giggles!!

    (I play drums in high heels)

    Tommy Lee is still one of my favorite drummers.
    Just wish he would have me in his band. That would
    be cool. There ya go! Its in your court now Tommy!!

    Syndi Heart
    tgirl drummer

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