Tommy Lee Feels Lighter After Becoming A Semi-Vegetarian

Motley Crue drummer called into the Kyle and Jackie O. show on 2Day FM in Australia on Thursday (July 24), where he talked about how he’s stopped eating meat for the past couple months – no doubt influenced by on again lover and PETA activist Pamela Anderson. “It’s something, a, that I haven’t done before,” Tommy said, “and you know, I wanna check it out, and see what it’s like, and I feel lighter… I don’t know, it’s just different.” He admitted going to a barbeque might be a bit weird, but said, “You know, I love pastas, bake potatoes, and this and that. You know, I do eat fish, salmon, and this and that. It’s not like I’ve stopped eating.” The entire interview audio at has since been removed.

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