Tommy Lee Calls Kid Rock A ‘Punk’

stopped by the Howard Stern show on Wednesday to promote the new website Howard asked Tommy about his old girlfriend Mayte and how he still gets to bang her even though they’ve broken up. Tommy told Howard that he decided to stay friends with her and would rather do that than keep fighting with her while living with her. Howard asked him how he’s able to make that work though and how he was able to kick her out of his house and still be able to bang her. He’s still friends with Pamela Anderson as well but he said he’s not still banging her. Howard said that Tommy has great timing because he broke up with the old girlfriend and then Pam and broke up. Howard said when he had Pamela on the show a few weeks ago, she said she wouldn’t say that she wasn’t banging Tommy again. Tommy said that he hasn’t banged her lately though so he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. They have kids together and they have to see each other. Tommy had some words to say about Kid Rock as well. He said that Kid Rock is a ”punk” and actually got some calls from him after he and Pam started going out. He said he didn’t need to hear that stuff from him and it was just a punk ass thing to do. Read more.

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