Tommy Lee Appears On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

drummer visited ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ to promote ‘Rock Star: Supernova’ on Wednesday night (August 30). Lee also discussed Kimmel’s celebrity barbershop quartet, FOX’s ‘Celebrity Duets’, his kids, and rather uncomfortably, his ex-wife Pamela Anderson’s recent marriage to Kid Rock. Lee revealed that he wasn’t invited to the marriages, and said, “I got a text message from her, which is interesting. ‘By the way, I’m getting married’. Thanks for letting me
know. That’s great.” Read on for a rough, computer generated transcript.

Jimmy: our first guest is a world-class drummer. You know him mostly
from motley crue. They’re going to be touring with aerosmith soon. And
now combing the nation for a new lead singer for his band, supernova on
“rock star: Supernova.” Watch the final stretch tuesday and wednesday night.
Please say hello to tommy lee.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ] Wow. Look at that. Phyllis diller is making
eyes at you.

Tommy: I had a preshow cocktail. Just so everyone knows. I feel like
i had hallucinogenics or something. What am i watching? I see you doing
big things over here.

Jimmy: We are. We’re upping the ante over here.

Tommy: Hot.

Jimmy: We’re tired of being in eighth place. How is everything going?

Tommy: Awesom

Jimmy: How has the summer been so far?

Tommy: It’s been crazy. You know?

Jimmy: Has it ever not been a crazy summer for you?

Tommy: Yeah. Actually it has. These last two years have been pretty
crazy. I’m catching up with my kids. And making a record with supernova.
Going on tour with aerosmith. Like the last five shows overlap with aerosmith.
Fly out, play a show. Come back, tape

Jimmy: The tv show. Wow.

Tommy: It’s crazy right now.

Jimmy: You’re an executive producer on the show.

Tommy: Yes.

Jimmy: You and dave navarro are executive producers.

Tommy: Uh-huh.

Jimmy: What are your duties? Do you have a desk?

Tommy: I have. I str a gigantic stereoji gant have a gigantic stereo
in my room.

Jimmy: Do you hire people? Do you fire people?

Tommy: And a yeager meister machine. We haven’t fired anyone yet.

Jimmy: You would be the one to do that?

Tommy: I’ve been given the hatchet man job.

Jimmy: What happened here? Dave was here last week. He said last year,
he was way too nice to contestants. He was nice to every one of the contestants.
If chief marin walked on, he would tell them he was great. He was the paula
abdul. But this year, he’s vicious. It’s because he decided to stop hanging
around with the contestants. He doesn’t get to know them personally. And
he feels he can be more honest when he assesses them. You, on the otherhand,
took the contestants all the las vegas.

Tommy: Uh-huh.

Jimmy: Yeah.

Tommy: Good times.

Jimmy: Was it good times?

Tommy: Yeah.

Jimmy: Does that make it harder for you to be bruteally honest with

Tommy: I mean, we took them — we don’t hang a whole lot.

Jimmy: Uh-huh.

Tommy: But we have had some good times at the mansion. And in vegas,
you want to see — if you’re going to spend a tour with these people and
do a record with whoever we choose you want to see how they operate.

Jimmy: Whichhe off-stage performance? When selecting a lead singer.

Tommy: They’re both equally important. And you find out who is amateur
hour and who is professional. One of our contestants, delonna was carried
out like a potato sack and put in a wheelchair, taken to her room.

Jimmy: Is that bad, necessarily? Is that considered bad or good?

Tommy: I d’t know. That might be considered a bad look.

Jimmy: That’s bad? Really. I would say, she went for it. She went —
whereas the other ones, who knows what they were up to?

Tommy: We had fun.

Jimmy: Now, your ex-wife, pam anderson, got married to kid rock.

Tommy: Uh-huh.

Jimmy: Were you invited to the wedding?

Tommy: No.

Jimmy: You were not invited to the wedding?

Tommy: No. But did you know that marriage is the leading cause of divorce.

Jimmy: I’ve heard that.

[ Cheers and applause ] I have heard that.

Tommy: I wish her luck. And hope she’s happy.

Jimmy: You wish them the best?

I got a text messa from her, which is interesting. By the way, I’m getting
married. Thanks for letting me know. That’s great.

Jimmy: It must have been a big surprise then?

Tommy: Yeah. Totally.

Jimmy: Did you send them a present?

Jimmy: Where are they registered? Do you have any idea?

Tommy: No clue.

Jimmy: I figured you guys would — well, you probably will. Who knows
what is going to happen? You kn what’s going to happen — this is my prediction

[ Cheers andpplause ] What I believe is going to happen, one day you
will marry kid rock. I see it as inevitable. The planets will have to collide.
And you aerokid rock will be married on a beach somewhere.

Tommy: You never know. When that show we just watched, the number one-rated
show with cheech and peter frampton, anything’s possible.

Jimmy: Yeah.

[ Laughter ] Cheech and peter frampton. You make it sound more appealing
than it is.

Tommy: What is that?

Jimmy: I’ll ask wayne brady. But essentially, it’s cheech and peter

Tommy: Wow.

Jimmy: Your show — this band, supernova. Are you really? You said you’re
writing songs. And you’re writing them without the lead singer, right?

Tommy: We are. And the guy that’s producing the record, butch walker.
He’s our stunt singer.

Jimmy: Is he trying to get the gig secretly? Why don’t you just do it
with me. I’m butch. I wrote the song.

Tommy: These a great singer. Great producer.

Jimmy: Let’s put him in there. End this now.

Tommy: Go on tour.

Jimmy: How many times is going to go on? It’s on eight times a week.
You’ve beengoing since christmas of last year.

Tommy: We start new year’see, at the hard rock.

Jimmy: In vegas?

Tommy: In vegas. At the joint. And we’ve added a second one. And tickets
are all on sale for supernova dates.

Jimmy: I wonder if a band has ever sold out a sho without anyone having
a lead singer.

Tommy: How crazy is that? We don’t know who is singer is. The record’s
done. But we’re waiting for the voice.

Jimmy: Poor butch wants to be a singer so badly.Yo wo yn agtd ro

Tommy: Sul have him come up anyway. He’s great.

Jimmy: You’re having a lot of fun, as usual.

Tommy: Of course.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jimmy: All right. Well, I need you to help me. You are a judge on this
— you’re a judge on the “rock star supernova,” besides from being in the
band. There’s going to be celebrities going home.

Tommy: We’re going to send people home?

Jimmy: We’re going to send some people home tonight.

Tommy: Awesome.

Jimmy: “Rock star supernova.” Tuesday nights at 9:00. Wednesdays at
8:00 on cbs. We have celebrities. And wayne brady when we return. We’ll
be right back.

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