Tom Morello Works To Set Things Right In The Middle East

Australia’s Beat magazine caught up with ’s Tom Morello and Brad Wilk for a Q&A, where Morello was asked to weigh in on the current situation in Iraq. “Well, it’s clearly grim – a real tragedy of our time – so many young people on both sides are dying, absolutely needlessly in the name of profit and greed,” Morello said. “After the election, there continues to be a burgeoning anti war movement in the states which is lead by Iraq veterans against the war – an organization I’ve worked with in some capacity and I think that’s where the impetus for stopping the war and setting things right in the Middle East – will come from the families of the soldiers and the actual guys who have been there who have the validity to speak with a great deal of authority on the issue and cut the role of the BS we’re handed by the Bush administration constantly.”

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