Tom Hamilton Previews Aerosmith Blues Album

bassist Tom Hamilton recently spoke to Pittsburgh Live about the band’s upcoming blues CD, tentatively due in February 2004. “We’ve recorded an album’s worth of material, most of it blues covers,” Hamilton said. “Not just blues, but also sort of mid-’60s soul and English blues-pop. There’s a song by the band Them called ‘Please Don’t Go’. If you listen to it, you can hear how it’s just a perfect song for Aerosmith. We’ve been playing it every night onstage. It’s the kind of stuff we’d have played when we started. We hear these recordings of bands that have perfected a groove and a feel and a jump and a swing and mixed it all together and made it really nasty. And to go in there and try to cop that, to grab that feel. … Of course, once we record it, it becomes a hard rock song. That’s something that happens by itself no matter how hard we try to get down and funky.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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