Tom DeLonge Q&A

MTV News caught up with former ’s Tom DeLonge and asked him about the controversy surrounding remarks he’s made about his new band, Angels & Airwaves, which he says is the greatest thing he’s ever done musically. “It’s not like I’m taking this lightly. I’m not an egotistical a**hole,” DeLonge responded. “But I do consider myself to be a pretty intelligent person, and I know that when I had previously sat around and thought about taking Blink to another level — like when I did Box Car Racer [his more mature side project with Barker] — I always knew exactly what I wanted to do and what direction to push the music in. And with this thing, I spent a long time thinking about what I wanted to do. … I started writing this [A&A] album the day we finished recording [Blink-182], because I knew I had to beat it. So I’ve been thinking about this sh– for years, and before Blink took its break, I knew that Angels was going to be the biggest band in the world. We knew that we were the only band that could do something like that. Besides someone like , I don’t know of any rock bands that could do that. We want to take this project to that Police level, that Joshua Tree level. And I already had the songs to do it. So when Blink went on hiatus, I’m sitting around going, ‘OK, I know I have the material; how do I put it all together in my own way, without having to compromise at all?'” The full transcript at has since been removed.

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