‘Tokio Hotel TV: Caught On Camera’ Trailer

Tokio Hotel TV: Caught On Camera

A trailer for ‘ TV: Caught on Camera’ DVD features new scenes of the German rock group offering commentary on the YouTube episodes documenting their busy 2008. “On the DVD, there are scenes in which I wear no makeup and look terrible,” singer Bill Kaulitz said. “But I have no problem leaving them in.” The DVD gets a U.S. release Tuesday. Watch the trailer at YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “‘Tokio Hotel TV: Caught On Camera’ Trailer

  1. Rori says:

    I love this band like crazy. Thanks for sharing about them on your blog.

  2. Lindsay says:

    WOOT!! I’m so excited to get the new TH DVD!!! I’m getting it for X-mas and I literally CANNOT WAIT!!! AH!!

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