Tokio Hotel Discuss Fans, Relationships, VMA Win

Tokio Hotel

sat down with Altitude TV, where the German rock group talked about how winning the best new artist at the VMAs was the biggest moment in their career, how Bill handles the English singing versus German, and what they look for in a relationship. “They have the best music taste in the world,” Tom Kaulitz explained. His brother Bill added, “And they always are so supporting. Everywhere they are waiting for us, and they sleep in front of the venues.” Watch the interview clips via YouTube below the cut.

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4 thoughts on “Tokio Hotel Discuss Fans, Relationships, VMA Win

  1. Jordan says:

    I think that’s amazingly cute. ^^ tell them that I love them and to keep up the good work. Thanks

  2. asylum lane says:

    Aw, Bill is so adorable! I hope he finds a girl who he can trust and really love really soon because he deserves it.

    Love the new album and can’t wait for them to come on tour in the US! <3

  3. cinthia says:

    I love you guys so much and I wish to meet you guys in person hopefully by my senior year I’ll be like you guys my first video/song xoxo ce

  4. cinthia says:

    And maybe we will get to play in Magdeburg Germany the thing that is weird is that I have the same voice as Bill when he did the video Schrei.. well bye please contact me at my email xoxo ce

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