Timing Was Right To Re-Launch Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza festival organizers tell the Detroit Free Press they opted to relaunch the annual summer rock-fest because the musical climate and timing were right. “There were multiple factors in bringing back Lollapalooza. First, the return of Jane’s as a recording entity. Lollapalooza was very appealing to Perry and the band on a personal level,” said Adam Schneider, manager of Jane’s Addiction and a coproducer of Lollapalooza. “Second was the notion that the festival brought musicians together in a certain cultural attachment with an audience that is not interested in what’s being played on the radio, a really good communal setting. And third, Perry had this idea about interactivity and text messaging, something he’s been working on for years and years, but it’s only now that the technology is there… But ultimately, this is a music festival first and foremost, like a party. And to be a good party host, you want to show people a good time. That’s our mission.” Freep.com has since removed the article.

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