‘Thunderstruck’ Stars Strive For Authenticity

A key aspect of the Australian film ‘Thunderstruck’ that no one dared overlook was the music. With a film that revolves around a garage band with dreams of , appearing authentic was essential and something all cast and crew took great pride in. “The feedback from the music press has been very good, which we’re very proud of because we worked really hard to appear authentic and not to offend any of AC/DC’s more passionate fans,” star Damon Gameau told Beat magazine. “We were always conscious of getting it right, nailing the right fret areas and so forth. I’ve been a drummer all my life and had to play guitar in the film and Stephen [Curry] has played guitar all his life and had to be a drummer. Cal comes from a DJ background and he had to get out front and sing, so we all had some sort of rhythm; it’s just that we were all in foreign territory somewhat so it took a lot of practice.”

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