Three Days Grace Find Touring Benefits With Sales Success

drummer Neil Sanderson and lead singer-guitarist Adam Gontier visited MuchMusic on February 10th. Asked how they felt about selling so many records after just the first single ‘I Hate Everything About You’, Adam responded, “It’s cool. I mean, we don’t get too involved in like the charts and sales and stuff. But, I mean, it gives us the opportunity to go and play in front of people in places that we’d like never get a chance to otherwise. you know, like we went to the UK, and people were singing the lyrics. We’re like, ‘How do you know us?’ I mean, it’s weird, you know. but just crazy places like El Paso, Texas. I mean, otherwise, we wouldn’t have a chance to do that. So I mean to get out and play in front of more fans than ever possible is wicked, you know.” Neil added, “Yeah. it’s kind of something that we never really– you know, we always wanted to do it, and it’s finally starting to surface now, and it’s really cool.”

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