This Is Hell Are About Realistic (Not Positive) Messages

This Is Hell

This is Hell guitarist/vocalist Rick Jimenez spoke with MusicReview in a Q&A, discussing a busy schedule that includes releasing two albums and touring in 16 months, never being a positive message band, what fans can expect on their new album ‘Black Mass’, what it’s like hanging out with other bands on tour, and songs they’d like to cover.

“This is Hell isn’t, nor ever was, a positive message band, but we’re a realistic band,” Jimenez said. “We write about real life and real things and things we believe are either personally or socially important. Hopefully, people take things we say and ponder them and have some type of positive impact on them – but what’s most important to me is that I’m able to express something that I feel is relevant and give my own point of view on it.”

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