Things Get Different For Silverchair Outside Australia

Morgan Spearwood of Living Aboad Magazine reports one constant for has always been how different everything is for the band once they leave Australia and, to complicate matters further, it differs vastly from territory to territory. “It’s quite different, because in Europe we’re perceived as a metal band, whereas in Australia and the US we’re looked upon as more of an alternative guitar band or something,” frontman Daniel Johns explained. “So the crowds in Europe tend to be dominated by males and skinheads with Sepultura shirts all that kind of stuff. So we really enjoy playing over there because it’s so laughably extreme. As for the press, I’ve no idea what’s said about us there, because I can’t read German or any of those languages. In the UK, they tend to bullsh** a lot in the press. There’s Kerrang and they’re pretty cool, but there’s plenty of people there who like to misquote you on purpose to make you seem sillier. It’s not all bad, they just change words around to suit them.”

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