There’s A Lot More On Durst’s Plate Than Britney Spears

Someone typed up frontman Fred Durst’s interview with Kerrang, where he talked about his leaked track ‘Just Drop Dead’, which created a lot of controversy and speculation that it was about Britney Spears. “A lot of my fans talk on my website everyday and they just wanted to hear something and I was really itching and a lot of drama was going on in the press about me and Britney and a lot of different things,” Durst explained. “It’s not about Britney. She might have a little bit too do with some feeling with it, but if you guys think that’s Britney Spears is the only girl I have to write about or went through sh** with your wrong. There’s a lot more one my plate than Britney Spears, but when she was on my plate, I wasn’t mad at it.”

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