Them Crooked Vultures Is Three People Interested In Each Other’s Opinion

Josh Homme and his Them Crooked Vultures bandmates

Antiquiet spoke with singer Josh Homme in Austin, Texas the other day. Josh spoke about how “musical safety equals death” when it comes to not taking risks, how there are individual and group pressures with a band, TCV being the most secretive project he’s ever been a part of, recording 18 songs so there is material that didn’t make the album, and Foo Fighters bassist Nate Mendel being intrigued by watching a band where Dave Grohl isn’t in charge.

“I think by the nature of it, this is three people interested in the other person’s opinion is,” Josh said. “So there’s no need to run anything. If we’re not careful, it just runs itself and you just gotta play catchup anyhow. I’ve known Dave for a long time, and I always think of how great it is to play with someone that speaks the same language, where you really understand someone else. That’s one of the difficult things in life, to be understood. You get in those moments and you want to hold onto them, because playing is a good way to try and understand each other.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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