The Vines Frontman Not Concerned About Label Peril

frontman Craig Nicholls spoke with Australia’s Time Off magazine about the band’s future in wake of their U.S. label Capitol recently merged with fellow EMI Records-owned label Virgin, and speculation that the new label may not have interest in the band. “I think that Capitol is merging with another major label and we’re not going to be on it – that’s about all I know,” Nicholls said with apparent disinterest. “It doesn’t really concern us – we’re all in it for ourselves and for other people to enjoy it. We’re very obsessed with the music and we’re not very business-minded at all. We still get a response when we play and we still can sell some albums; I don’t think we’re going to have trouble finding another label. Whether it’s a major or not, we’ll just see what happens. As long as we get to keep playing as a band, that’s the main thing.” The article at has since been removed.

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