The Vines Frontman Continues Self-Destruction In Chicago

Bob Gendron of the Chicago Tribune was on hand for concert Friday (March 26) at the sold-out Vic in front of a dissatisfied audience, many of whom booed and stormed the exits before the group’s brief 45-minute set came to a merciful end. Gendron writes, “From the moment he set foot onstage, vocalist Craig Nicholls sounded and acted out of sorts. Though he later played martyr by claiming he was sick and yet still chose to perform, his prima donna antics and cavalier attitude were more indicative of desperation and drunkenness. Nicholls’ voice was in tatters, and his sloppy guitar playing came off like an obnoxious prank. He slurred words, intentionally sang out of tune, bleated like a sheep, laughed at himself and made up nonsensical lines. During a few songs, he failed to sing any actual lyrics. All the while, his bandmates looked on in disgust. Trying to stave off further embarrassment, the rhythm section tried to keep a steady beat and some sense of composure.” has since removed the article.

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