The Vines Are Low-Key About Climbing The Charts

Gary Graff of the Cleveland Plain Dealer spoke with chief songwriter Craig Nicholls who says while there’s nothing wrong with a little excitement generated by the band’s buzz, he and his bandmates aren’t clearing space for platinum album awards on their walls back in Sydney. “It’s great that other people are getting into it,” says Nicholls. “We were really happy with [the album], but at the same time it wasn’t like, ‘Yeah, this is it. We’re great. We’re gonna be famous.’ We just thought writing songs was really fun and recording them was cool, and we really wanted to play in a band. This is an opportunity to be artistic and maybe make a living at it. We’re appreciative of the attention we’re getting, but at the same time, we work very hard. The band is important, a sacred thing to us.” has since removed the article.

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