The View Owe Pete Doherty For Their Big Break

The View members Kyle Falconer, Kieren Webster, Pete Reilly and Steven Morrison

isn’t held in high regard from many but have good reason to praise the Babyshambles singer. “Going on tour later with Babyshambles was incredible, but before that we gave him the EP and we got on the bill for, like, ten minutes at the Dundee show, and I couldn’t believe that,” guitarist Pete Reilly explained to Time Off magazine. “It was like ‘Fu**ing hell! This is amazing!’ And then Pete Doherty passed our CD onto [label owner] James Endeacott and we went to London and played in London, and James Endeacott said he wanted to do something. So fu**ing thanks very much to Pete Doherty – no matter what the papers say, he’s fu**ing sweet as! If he’s got time out to help a young, up-and-coming band from Dundee then he must be a good guy, you know what I mean?”

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