The Used Discuss ‘Blood On My Hands’ & ‘Artwork’

Bert McCracken and Jeph Howard of talked with about their new album ‘Artwork’, performing a new song on their current tour, and the first single ‘Blood On My Hands’. “I think it’s noisier,” Bert said of the new song. “It’s still a Used record. There’s a lot of different colors and lots of different feelings. But I think that it’s a lot nosier and a lot dirtier than we’ve done in the past. Very reminiscent of our first record I would say.”

The interview, footage of the band performing the song at Bamboozle 2009, as well as ‘Buried Myself Alive’, has since been removed at YouTube.

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3 thoughts on “The Used Discuss ‘Blood On My Hands’ & ‘Artwork’

  1. steve says:

    so stoked for the single release of “blood on my hands” tomorrow!!! here are some pics I found of the new vinyl:

    also, go to for a lot of special bundle offers that include the single!

  2. jamie says:

    this song is so amazing, I’m so stoked that I bought it with the special bundle package with the t-shirt on THEUSED.NET!

    also, check out this sick lyric video (no sound) that goes along with the song:

  3. Saturn says:

    Yeah that vinyl looks bad ass.

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