The Strokes Nick Confirms Amanda De Cadenet Split

The Mirror reports Amanda De Cadenet has been following Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi desperate to renew their relationship, but he has none of that. “Amanda and I are finished. We have split,” Nick told the Mirror. “She’s gone back to LA to do her thing and I’m heading back to New York to get on with my life. She’s a great girl. I met her daughter a couple of times too. But I’m only 21 and want to just focus on my music.”

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One thought on “The Strokes Nick Confirms Amanda De Cadenet Split

  1. vada says:

    This has to be wrong! Nick was 21 in 2002 which is the same year he hosted a birthday party for Amanda where he was seen hugging and kissing her all night. And…well they are still together aren’t they. This didn’t happen

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