The Strokes Get A Bit Darker On ‘Room On Fire’

The latest issue of Zero magazine sees on the cover. Guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. agreed that their new album ‘Room On Fire’ has a different tone than the feel good vibe of most tracks on ‘Is This It?’ “This is definitely a little bit more of a darker record,” he says. “There are moments where there is a slightly different voice. As you get older, besides being on the road, you change your ideas. And also the fact that we are on the road as we’re getting older, we change our ideas. Not to say that the next record might not be the fu**in’ heaviest thing in the world,” he laughs, “but it’s just what happens. You start off younger and fresher and you still have a little bit of that, but then you start mixing it in with like, just different moments you’ve had and experiences. [Those] emotions happen to be a little darker.”

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