The Strokes Anxious About ‘Room On Fire’

Shannon McCarthy of Get Real Detroit spoke with Nick Valensi and asked the guitarist if he felt nervous about how people are going to react to their new album ‘Room on Fire’. “It’s not so much nervousness of how people are going to react to it – I don’t even know what it is,” he responded. “It’s really hard to talk about it – hard to analyze what you’re doing too much, you know? But yeah, there’s this certain amount of anxiety about it. I suppose that’s natural, though.” Asked if the band felt pressured, he said, “Not so much pressure on the band ‘cuz I don’t think we’re easily pressured into things. But it’s just, you know, the press has a certain power of making you be perceived in a certain way. Sometimes it helps, and sometimes it doesn’t – it does the opposite. And when it’s too much, then it can definitely work against you.” has since removed the article.

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