The Spazzys Fun Playing With Marky Ramone

Melbourne three-piece The Spazzys are something of a music phenomenon. Not only have they hit high rotation with their singles ‘Paco Doesn’t Love Me’ and ‘Hey Hey Baby’, they’ve also played with their idol Marky Ramone. All this before releasing their debut album. “Oh, that was so much fun, man,” drummer Ally exclaims of the Marky Ramone experience in an interview with Time Off magazine. “That’s just one thing that I’ll never ever get over. It was such good fun. But it’s kind of the one thing that I also feel like it was so cool that we got to do it at that stage of our career because the album wasn’t even out then. I kind of feel like it was a real blessing and now we have to just sort of do our own thing – we’ve got to be our own band as well.”

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