The Raveonettes Teach Americans Their Rock History

now find themselves in the same position The Beatles and Stones were in 40 years ago: Europeans selling Yankee sounds back to young Americans who are unfortunately ignorant of their own country’s deep musical heritage. “I was just reading this email we got the other day from these 17-year-old kids,” bassist Sharin Foo tells Stuart Berman of the Toronto Eye. “It said, ‘Hey, we started digging into the history of rock ‘n’ roll because we read about all these references that you have in your music.’ That’s really cool. Sometimes, when you’re not born in the middle of something, you can dig into it in a more complete way, it can make you more curious about the whole history. And maybe when you’re used to something because you grew up with it, you don’t really consider where it came from and what it’s all about. I guess coming from Denmark, we felt attracted to something that feels a little more exotic. Our music is very Americana, but it’s a different take on Americana, because it’s from a Scandinavian perspective.”

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