The Panic Channel Prepare For Tour

guitarist Dave Navarro posted the following message on his blog at on Thursday (January 4): “(Siggy of Powerman 5000) So The Panic Channel started up rehearsals yesterday for our upcoming tour with Supernova. It was our first day with Siggy on bass and I have to say that the guy is insane on that thing! We will miss Chris Chaney on this leg of the tour, but we all understand that family comes first! Meanwhile, Siggy has it all wired and has brought his own flavor to the sound and stage. Plus, he is just cool as hell. Anyway, for our shows with Supernova, we have a 45 minute set. We do have some longer club shows on our own when Supernova has days off, but for the most part, we will be hitting it and quitting it. For the die hards: If there are any particular songs you would like to hear in the 45 minute set, let us know now. Our plan is to pretty much just go hard and loud for all of it, with maybe an acoustic Outsider as a palate cleanser. As for Supernova… I saw them in Vegas and I have to say that they are awesome. Tommy, Lukas and Gilby really have something there and their new bass player is holding it down as if he has been there the whole time. It’s gonna be a really fun tour to see… Certainly to be on!”

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