‘The Osbournes’: Overexposed, Overplayed & Overpaid

Bill Frost of Salt Lake Weekly is one reviewer not looking forward to the return of ‘The Osbournes’ on MTV. “Aside from The Real World and its various clones, there’s no such thing as a long-running MTV show—they’re on, they’re gone, they’re forgotten,” Frost said. “The channel’s other reality shows survive because they bring in new, progressively crazier and hornier casts each season; with ‘The Osbournes’, you’re stuck with Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly again. Not that these were deep waters before, but thanks to the family’s We Want Our Privacy Back Publicity Tour 2002 blitzkrieg during the show’s downtime, there ain’t a whole lot of personal discovery left in this household.” Slweekly.com has since removed the article.

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