The New Bomb Turks Are Done After Current Tour

Tim Perlich of the Toronto Eye chatted with the New Bomb Turks frontman Eric Davidson, who says the band is winding down after their current tour wraps up. “This is definitely our last tour,” insists Davidson. “Sam (drummer Sam Brown) has a child now and another band, Jim (guitarist Jim Weber) is back in school to finish up his teaching degree, and I’d like to do the same. We’re all a bit tired of Columbus anyway. There’s a good chance this will also be our last proper studio album, although there will likely be a 10-inch EP of songs we cut for a local label that never came out, along with an album of singles tracks and outtakes coming out on Gearhead next spring. But we all feel we’ve put enough time into the New Bomb Turks, so it’ll be interesting to try something new.” Read more.

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