The Moth & The Flame Sign With Elektra Records

The Moth & The Flame

Elektra Records has signed The Moth & The Flame to their roster. The Provo, Utah alternative rock band has released a live performance video of their fan-favorite track ‘Sorry’ to herald the news. Check out the video below via YouTube.

“We’re excited to join the roster of Elektra Records,” frontman Brandon Robbins said. “The label’s history is filled with culture-defining artists that have inspired us individually and collectively. There’s a great creative spirit there that we all immediately recognized and wanted to be a part of.”

“The Moth & The Flame command the live stage and home speakers with equal fervor,” Elektra President Jeff Castelaz added. “Their songs encapsulate the fever and frailty of human emotion in a way that appeals to me as a music advocate. For that reason, I’m extremely proud to make them the newest member of the Elektra family.”

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