The Midway State Singer Meets His Texas Hold’em Match

The Midway State

vocalist Mike Wise checked in with fans on the Toronto band’s MySpace blog on Monday (December 10). Mike writes:

Hi everyone,

Writing to you from Syracuse, New York. We have a night off tonight after a long drive from Connecticut. This tour has been amazing. We’re only a week in but the shows have been great and we’re having fun as usual. Meeting lots of new people and seeing new places.

Last night we played at a Casino in Connecticut in a beautiful theatre. After we finished up, a couple of us walked through the casino. I’ve played a few hands of poker in my time and I thought I was a pretty good player. That was until I was had by a sweet old lady at the Texas Hold’em table last night. Nobody suspects the grandma.

$15 poorer,

Mike Wise

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