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The Marble Index Review by Debbie Ellis: This group hails from my hometown Hamilton, Ontario Canada. They are fellow Hamiltonians and I am very, very proud of my fellow city dwellers, as if they were my own relatives, so I have been told by an employee of Y108 of the station I have been urging them to play the Marble Index’s music.

I first saw this trio at the Festival of Friends @ Gage Park on at the Bandshell @ 7:00 pm, on August 7th, 2004. It was the very first time I had ever heard of them. My spine tingled and I got goose bumps on my arms and mybrain went into overload with joy. My percise thoughts on that coolish summer evening was that: these young men are definitley going somewhere, they are and will win Juno Awards

They have a very distinctive act (the word act for lack of a fancier word to describe how they put on a gig) Let me tell you They sure know how to entertain the crowd.
Ever since I have seen them on @The Festival of Friends I have gone to as many as their gigs as possible. So far to date I have seen them 6 times more than any other entertainer.

B. A. R. B for Brad who plays an awesome lead/rhythm guitar and has the dance moves all women are sure to like. I am sure by the time he has rested his voice by dancing he probably feels he needs to rest his whole body as he puts his heart and soul into delivering a good performance. He also plays the drums which I did not know until their performance at the Underground in the fall of 2004 the 3rd time I had seen them perform.
A for Adam who sure can manouver those wooden sticks over, around and on the drums.
Also, he can strum a real mean bass guitar.
R is for Ryan the bassist for the band sure can play a mean one. And WHOW he sure knows how to play an awesome lead/rhythm guitar.
Their self titled CD, album in the day, THE MARBLE INDEX is all original, the songs are their very own.

I encourage, ESPECIALLY fellow Hamiltonians to call, email, write in hard copy a letter to Y108 the boys home town radio station to give our hometown boys air play and more recognition.
For in my humble opinion have done our city proud.

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