The Lonely Forest Are Down With Touring

Braydn Krueger and Eric Sturgeon with their The Lonely Forest bandmates

Braydn Krueger and Eric Sturgeon of The Lonely Forest recently met up with Music Without Labels for a quick interview before their show at Fox Theater in Pomona, California.

“Some pros about touring is seeing the country, I mean holy cow,” Bradyn said about the upside of being out on the road. “Just the other day we ended up seeing the Grand Canyon. As far as touring bands and all that stuff, I find it to be another greath thing as far as bonding. Geting to know different people across different parts of the U.S. or from the other side of the world.”

Eric added, “Definitely touring across the country has brought a lot of experience. Seeing a lot of things like Braydn said that we just wouldn’t see otherwise. It’s been really great.”

Watch the interview and highlights from the concert via YouTube below.

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