The Krak ‘Perfect World’ And ‘The Way You Left Her’ Audio

posted the following bulletin to fans on their Myspace on Saturday (August 18):

We’ve been a bit busy and have recorded a fair few new songs.

Two are available to listen to on our myspace.
‘Perfect world’ and ‘The way you left her’

There are plenty more which we’ll be throwing your way soon but you dont want to give away all your secrets at once do ya.

Whle i’m hear ‘Krak On 5’ is on the 7th of the september month and i have a cheeky feeling it will be the best one if not bst thing that ever happened.

Anyway Love you all, if you have been coming to our shows or showed your support in any way you are in the band as much as we are.

Lets all have a lot of fun


The Krak

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