The Killers Go Where No (Vegas) Band Has Gone Before

Pj Perez of the Las Vegas Weekly shared his thoughts on transplaneted local band gone big , a couple years after covering the band. Perez writes, “Now, the little, local new-wave band is competing for Best Rock Song, Best Rock Album and Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group against U2, Elvis Costello and Franz Ferdinand. It’s surreal. It’s exciting. And it’s somewhat sad and hopeful, because though the Killers started here, the band could not have attained such achievements had they stayed. If nothing else, perhaps the Killers’ story can serve as a wake-up call for local bands making the rounds in our tattered and barren music scene: Get a distinctive sound, write some decent songs, get a good entertainment lawyer, and most of all, get out of town.” Read more.

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