The Hives Won’t Necessarily Quit After Three Albums

Lyndsey Parker of spoke with the Hives guitarists Nicholaus Arson about the band’s claim that they will break up after only three albums. “I think nowadays everyone wants to be famous for doing nothing, so people have a hard time understanding why someone wouldn’t want to be famous for doing something,” he said. “But we never did this to be popular in any way. The reason why did it is for egoistic reasons: We wanted to have the records in our hands. That people like them, that’s nice, and we might want to continue, but that’s why most bands lose their heads–because they want to ‘do well,’ and they want to have people like them.” Fortunately, it doesn’t appear they’ll follow through on the decision, as he added, “Of course, remember, we did make these rules when we were 13–an age when your attention span is really short!”

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