The Hives Confirm Universal Signing

Nicholaus Arson of commented on leaving Burning Heart Records on Tuesday (August 20). “I will hereby confirm that we (The Hives) have signed to Universal and also, more importantly in view of inaccurate press coverage, touch on the subject why,” he explained. “We have for some time now had extremely serious issues with the BHR/Epitaph label and as a consequence we recently decided not to continue with the label we have been working with for seven years.”

“BHR/Epitaph has all along been aware of the seriousness of these matters so that we eventually left them is not a shock to anyone.”

“They have also all along been very well aware of why we are free to sign a new deal with whoever we want. BHR/Epitaph did not have the rights to our third album.”

“We did this simply to control our own destiny and regain the control over our work we once enjoyed with Burning Heart Records. This had to be done.”

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