‘The Heroin Diaries’ Tell It Like It Was For Nikki Sixx

The Ear magazine spoke with ’s Nikki Sixx about his upcoming book ‘The Heroin Diaries’, which is anything but a flattering look at the rock star life of tons of chicks, wild chicks, and drug use. “There are two different ways to look at it,” Sixx said. “One is a Birdseye view of a story, ‘The Year In A Life Of…’ and then there’s also an up-close personal view of addiction. It actually lets you in and go, ‘wow, this is what this drug can do to you. This is what drugs can do.’ Look, I’m not a sober cop, I’m not AA, I’m not a pro-go get loaded guy. I’m just telling a story of what it was and what I was at that time. It’s valuable in the sense that it covers many different aspects, it can be just outrageous like the William Burrows memoir- JUNKY or it could be quite telling. It all depends on where you are at in your own mind.”

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